La Roque Saint-Christophe en Dordogne » Hunt and Seek: « Enquête chez les Troglos » at La Roque Saint-Christophe!

Hunt and Seek: “Enquête chez les Troglos” at La Roque Saint-Christophe!

Do you like a challenges? Treasure hunts and riddles? Then follow our investigation “Enquête chez les troglos” (for troglodytes). You’ll be transported back to the Hundred Years’ War and follow the adventures of Elise and her friends Guilhem, Richard and Mathilde!

A treasure hunt for children and the whole family

It’s just for kids! But parents can play too… Why a treasure hunt? To entertain the children and make the visit even more fun, to help them focus on certain details and arouse their curiosity. It’s not always easy to walk and visit, and the little ones need motivation and challenges! We understand this, and the La Roque Saint-Christophe puzzle game is here to make the visit enjoyable for all the family.

  • Tip: Are you visiting La Roque with children? Consider taking part in a guided tour, accompanied by an enthusiastic and fascinating guide, so your whole family can get the most out of the site!

Finding a precious object

You’ll need to observe, rack your brains and search as a family to answer the questions in the investigation game and find the precious mystery object!

Illustrated with superb drawings, “Enquête chez les troglos” is a fun way to learn more about the life of the troglodytes, the cliff dwellers who lived in these places. It’s hard to imagine that an entire village, or even a small town, was settled here just a few centuries ago… Immerse yourself in the past with this fun game, available all year round!