La Roque Saint-Christophe en Dordogne » Epic encounters with the knight William and his horse Bayard!

Epic encounters with the knight William and his horse Bayard!

Come and meet this legendary duo from the 12th century! William the knight, in his period armour, with his medieval gait and presence, will be riding his faithful steed Bayard, also equipped as it should be! La Roque Saint-Christophe is offering a series of events based on the relationship between the knight and his horse, with real experts on hand to share their knowledge with you. Hedi from the Compagnie de la Garde de la Salamandre will be your knight, with two of his horses.

A knighthood event

Chivalry was an order and a set of values that were very important in the Middle Ages. La Roque Saint-Christophe invites you to plunge into the heart of the fascinating relationship between man and horse, inseparable at that time.

Defence of his Lord, Courage in the face of adversity and Faith in his beliefs and origins. The knight and his horse form an unshakeable pair. They live, travel, eat and sometimes sleep together. It is thanks to the magic of this relationship that chivalry has acquired such nobility and prestige. Guillaume and Bayard invite you to pay tribute to this human-animal pairing in a life-size event at La Roque Saint-Christophe!

When can you come and see the animation with Guillaume and Bayard at La Roque Saint-Christophe?

Find out when you can meet Guillaume and Bayard on site.

The activities take place on these dates:

  • Easter holidays: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 2pm, 3.30pm and 5pm.
  • Ascension weekend: the whole weekend is a celebration at La Roque, with the presence of 2 specialist medieval and historical troupes, lots of surprises, workshops… A must!
  • Summer holidays in July and August: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons.

We hope you enjoy your visit to La Roque Saint-Christophe!